Pads milling machine

Type of project : Pads Milling Machines

Pads milling machine

The machine can mill pads in different shapes, you can do it to change the mill.

So you can make many different shapes.

The material you put save by hand on infeed system and runs automatically into

and out off the machine.

The milling size off the diameter you can program on the display.

The exhaust system take the dust away

Check our Pads Milling Machine on our YouTube Channel here.



Overall size        :  approx.   2 m x 1 m x 2.3m  (LxWxH)

Exhaust system  :  approx.   0.7 m x 1 m x 2.3m  (LxWxH)

Size off pads      :   round or square

                          :   size      min. 50 mmmax. 200 mm 

                          :   thickness  min. 10 mm  max.  80 mm

Weight               :  approx.   300 kg

Machine output  :  approx.   6 minute or faster

Power input        :  380V – 50 Hz  16A

Mill size              :  diameter 200 mm

                           :  thickness  min. 10 mm  max.  80 mm






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