The foam pillow drill is designed for drilling pads health according at  different pattern. The machine can process various types of foam.

For purchase will always take place testing of the drilling foams. The drill machine is easy to operate and produces no dust while it is

in operation. The residual material is automatically expressed. The drills can be change by hand.





Overall approx. 2.3m x 1.4m x 2.2m (LxWxH)
Size of pillow length max. 700mm min. 500mm
  width max. 450mm min. 250mm
  thickness  max. 170mm min. 50mm
Weight approx. 500kg
Machine output approx. 4 pillows in 1 minute
Power input   230V - 50 Hz - 10A
    110V - 60 Hz - 20A
Number of drills    30 or ....
Hole size ca. 15mm or .....

Price and terms of delivery

Price                                 on request                                                               
Payment 50% along with purchase order
  50% before sending
Delivery of factory
Guerantee 1 year excl. wear parts
Specifications CE Norm with English documentation


Not all the foam can be drilled, sometimes there is a max. thickness


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