Foam milling or foam drilling? Custom engineered!

Foam milling or foam drilling? Are you looking for a machine that can mill or drill foam? Boers Techniek delivers custom engineered machines. Boers Techniek is the specialist in the world in the area of foam milling and drilling. Boers Techniek delivers foam drilling and foam milling machines developed specially for simple use and little maintenance.

The foam drilling and foam milling machines are specialized, custom machines that manipulate foam with the greatest quality as a result. Boers Techniek truly changes the meaning of custom engineering! Delivering the highest possible quality is of utmost importance for Boers Techniek. The high quality standard is a direct result of the machines going to customers worldwide and the expectations of our customers being high.

At this very moment Boers Techniek developed 7 specialized custom engineered foam drilling machines and one foam milling machine. Boers Techniek is able to deliver custom engineered specialized foam manipulation machines. That truly is custom engineering!

Foam milling

The foam milling machine is designed to process big sheets of foam or matrasses. The foam milling machine is able to mill a great variety of foams. The blades of the foam milling machines are fixed horizontally. The depth the foam machine mills at is adjustable. It is easy to adjust the positioning of the blades and the size of the matrasses or foam using programming.

Using different milling blade diameters a variable milling depth can be realised. The foam or mattress is very cleanly milled with very little debris left behind. The foam is milled with very high precision. With a foam milling machine made by Boers Techniek you will save time and money.